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CAD file import

In order to use STEP or IGES files from external CAD programs (SolidEdge, Inventor, etc.) in GMSH, the following steps are required:

  • Assumed the step file is named model.stp, as a first step, an empty *.GEO file (e. g. model.geo) has to be created in the same directory. Within the GEO file, one single command for opening the step file has to be typed:
    Merge "model.stp";
  • The file model.geo can now be opened in GMSH. In order to have a proper mesh size for all points of the geometry, go into the “Mesh” menu and select Mesh–>Define–>Element size at points. Type a proper value (e. g. 20 mm) into the number field and press return. Afterwards, you should select every point of the model with the mouse1) and finally press “e”.
  • In your model.geo file, GMSH has added a line like
    Characteristic Length{<point numbers>} = 20;
  • Invoke the meshing algorithm in GMSH by pressing the “2” key and have a close look to the meshed geometry. If there are features, which are not well resolved by the mesh (e. g. small nozzles) it may be required to define a smaller element size at certain points.
this is easily obtained by pressing “Ctrl” before the mouse selection, which enables to use a selection frame