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2D - dielectric barrier discharge

A two-dimensional dielectric barrier discharge with N2 gas at atmospheric pressure. Even though discharge conditions - high pressure, high plasma density - are not favourable for a PIC-MC approach it is applicable here due to a very small geometry and time scale, respectively.

Starting the simulation

The zip archive contains mesh and two parameter files for the plasma simulation. To start case one with negative electrode potential (-1000 V) and 16 processes maximum enter:

$ rvmmpi -picmc 16 v3_highRes_minus.par

To start case two with positve electrode potential (-1000 V) and 16 processes maximim enter accordantly:

$ rvmmpi -picmc 16 v3_highRes_plus.par


The videos below show the resulting electron density and potential evolution during 40 nanoseconds(!) of the simulated discharge.