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Information required for continuation of a simulation run

If a simulation run is finished or shut down via the touch shutdown command, the following data is created for restart and continuation of the simulation case later:

  • checkpoint/particles_<species>.bin - Coordinates and velocities of all simulation particles
  • checkpoint/averages_<species>.bin - Averaged data (density, mean velocity, mean square velocity) in cell resolution.
  • checkpoint/material_<wall_species>.bin - Averaged data on surface coverage and deposition rate on walls.
  • last_shutdown.def - ASCII file containing the last iteration step number, the last time step, the last voltage amplitudes in case of a plasma simulation as well as the maximum energy encountered for each species. The latter is relevant for optimizing the performance of the collision routine.
  • profile.txt - ASCII file containing the information on the CPU load of each rectangular segment of the simulation volume. Upon restart this information is used for optimizing the load balance of the total CPU load amongst the individual processes. This file can be deleted if the load balancing step shall be omitted.