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Wall temperature distribution

A non-trivial temperature distribution on a wall is especially used in combination with a vapor pressure dependent particle source in order to get a more realistic behavior of e.g. large evaporation sources.

In order to define a temperature distribution rather than a single fixed temperature, the following command has to be used:


The temperature distribution file format is currently according to Comsol-generated temperature output files. The format is as follows:

  • First line: Title (will be ignored)
  • Next lines: Seven columns of numbers separated by TAB or whitespace with following meaning:
    <Facet>  <Point>  <X>  <Y>  <Z>  <Element>  <Temperature [K]>

    Only the (X, Y, Z) coordinates and the temperature will be read in, the other columns will be ignored.

The temperature can be defined at arbitrary points within the simulation volume, there is no specific ordering of the points required. Upon initialization, for each mesh element the nearest point of the temperature distribution is chosen and the respective temperature is put into the mesh element.